The Calculus of Functions of Several Variables

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A companion single-variable calculus text, Difference Equations to Differential Equations is available here.

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ChapterSectionDate PostScriptPDF

Geometry of Rn Introduction to Rn 07-23-01
164 kb
130 kb
Angles and the dot product 07-23-01
121 kb
114 kb
The cross product 09-18-01
149 kb
108 kb
Lines, planes, and hyperplanes 07-23-01
285 kb
151 kb
Linear and affine functions 07-24-01
128 kb
124 kb
Operations with matrices 07-26-01
138 kb
123 kb

Functions from R to Rn Curves 07-31-01
242 kb
136 kb
Best affine approximations 08-06-01
309 kb
163 kb
Motion along a curve 08-13-01
237 kb
157 kb

Functions from Rn to R Geometry, limits, and continuity 09-07-01
634 kb
257 kb
Directional derivatives and the gradient 09-03-01
535 kb
198 kb
Best affine approximations 06-11-02
439 kb
195 kb
Second-order approximations 05-03-02
122 kb
109 kb
Extreme values 06-19-02
762 kb
298 kb
Definite integrals 07-24-02
301 kb
Change of variables in integrals 07-29-02
403 kb
195 kb

Functions from Rm to Rn Geometry, limits, and continuity 07-31-02
791 kb
248 kb
Best affine approximations 08-14-02
316 kb
160 kb
Line integrals 08-19-02
159 kb
126 kb
Green's theorem 08-22-02
142 kb
108 kb

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