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Furman University Wylie Mathematics Tournament


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The 2005 Furman University Wylie Mathematics Tournament will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2005. The tournament attracts students from throughout the Southeast. The one-day event is designed to encourage the study of mathematics and to provide a challenging and enjoyable competition for top mathematics students.
For more information about the tournament, read the on-line version of the brochure, or contact:

Furman University Wylie Mathematics Tournament
c/o Dr. Mark R. Woodard
Furman University
3300 Poinsett Highway
Greenville, South Carolina 29613
Phone: 864-294-3626

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Old Exams

Click on the following links to view the exams from previous years. These documents are in either PDF or PostScript format. If you do not have a PostScript viewer like ghostview/ghostscript, click here for information on obtaining and installing them. For the exams in PDF format, you will need Acrobat Reader from Adobe to view the pdf files. Acrobat Reader and ghostscript/ghostview are all free.

Note: The year 2000 and more recent exams are only available in pdf format. A separate answer sheet is provided. For the 1998-1999 exams (and the 2003 exam), the starred answer is the correct answer. If no answer is starred, then the choice E) (None of the above) is the correct answer. For the exams from 1996 and 1997, a separate answer sheet is provided.

Old Exams
2004 Ciphering Questions (pdf format)
2004 Senior Written Problems (pdf) (pdf answers)
2004 Junior Written Problems (pdf format)(pdf answers)
2003 Ciphering Questions (pdf)
2003 Senior Written Problems (pdf format)
2003 Junior Written Problems (pdf)
2002 Ciphering Questions (pdf format)
2002 Senior Written Problems (pdf) (pdf answers)
2002 Junior Written Problems (pdf) (pdf answers)
2001 Ciphering Questions (pdf format)
2001 Senior Written Problems (pdf) (pdf answers)
2001 Junior Written Problems (pdf) (pdf answers)
2000 Senior Written Problems (pdf) (pdf answers)
2000 Junior Written Problems (pdf) (pdf answers)
1999 Senior Written Problems (postscript)  (pdf)
1999 Junior Written Problems (postscript)   (pdf)
1998 Senior Written Problems (postscript)  (pdf)
1998 Junior Written Problems (postscript)   (pdf)
1997 Senior Written Problems (postscript)  (pdf)  (pdf answers)
1997 Junior Written Problems (postscript)  (pdf) (pdf answers)
1996 Senior Written Problems (postscript)  (pdf) (pdf answers)
1996 Junior Written Problems  (postscript)  (pdf) (pdf answers)

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