Furman Graph Theory Seminar


SCHEDULE FOR 2009 - 2010

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Date Speaker Title
April 9, 2010 Kevin Hutson Optimal Online Ring Routing
February 26, 2010 John Harris k-Traceable Graphs
February 12, 2010 Sandi Klavzar Generalized Fibonacci Cubes
January 29, 2010 Kevin Hutson Not All &gamma -Sets Are Equal, Part II
January 15, 2010 Doug Rall Limited Packings in Graphs
November 13, 2009 Sarah Frick The Conjugacy Question for Renewal Systems
October 30, 2009 Doug Rall The Edge Delete Game on Graphs
October 16, 2009 Jean Dunbar Cycling in the Southern Hemisphere
October 2, 2009 Steve Hedetniemi Not All &gamma -Sets Are Equal
September 11, 2009 Doug Rall The Strong Isometric Dimension Problem: Part II
August 28, 2009 Doug Rall The Strong Isometric Dimension Problem