Past Clanton Visitors

2008-2009 Stephen Stigler
University of Chicago
  Afternoon Lecture The Five Most Consequential Ideas in the History of Statistics

  Evening Lecture Skill or Luck?
A Statistical Look at Tournament Golf


2007-2008 Colin Clark
University of British Columbia
  Afternoon Lecture Dynamic Models of Animal Behavior

  Evening Lecture The Mathematics of Conservation


2006-2007 Barry Mazur
Harvard University
  Afternoon Lecture Open Problems About Probability Distributions in Number Theory

  Evening Lecture A Modern View of Classical Questions in Arithmetic


2005-2006 Peter Winkler
Albert Bradley Third Century Professor in the Sciences
Dartmouth College
  Afternoon Lecture Submodular Percolation
  Evening Lecture Mathematical Puzzles You Think You Must Not Have Heard Correctly

2003-2004 Jeffrey Weeks
Mathematician and Author of The Shape of Space
  Afternoon Lecture Workshop on Curved Space

  Evening Lecture The Shape of Space


2002-2003 Frank Morgan
Dennis Meenan '54 Third Century Professor of Mathematics
Williams College

Afternoon Lecture Proof of the Double Bubble Conjecture

Evening Lecture

The Soap Bubble Geometry Contest


2001-2002 George E. Andrews
Evan Pugh Professor of Mathematics
Pennsylvania State University

Afternoon Lecture An Old Algorithm in a New Era
(Major MacMahon, you were born too soon!)

Evening Lecture Ramanujan, Fibonacci Numbers and Continued Fractions
(Or, Why I took Zeckendorf's Theorem along on my last trip to Canada.)


2000-2001 Kenneth A. Ribet
Professor of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley

Afternoon Lecture Serre's Conjectures

Evening Lecture Fermat's Last Theorem and Other Diophantine Problems


1999-2000 Jonathan M. Borwein
Gordon M. Shrum Professor of Science
Director, Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics
Simon Fraser University

Afternoon Lecture Experimental Mathematics and Exact Computation

Abstract (pdf)
Evening Lecture The Impact of Technology on the Doing of Mathematics

Abstract (pdf)

1998-1999 Carolyn S. Gordon
Professor of Mathematics
Dartmouth College

Afternoon Lecture When You Can't Hear the Shape of a Manifold

Evening Lecture You Can't Hear the Shape of a Drum


1997-1998 Mary Ellen Rudin
Professor of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Afternoon Lecture What is Topology?
Evening Lecture Women in Mathematics

1996-1997 László Lovász
Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
Yale University

Afternoon Lecture Random Walk and Sampling
Evening Lecture Randomness: What is it and What is it Good For?

1995-1996 Frederick Mosteller
Roger Irving Lee Professor of Mathematical Statistics, Emeritus
Harvard University

Afternoon Lecture Experiments in Ability Grouping and Class Size
Evening Lecture The Meaning of Probabilistic Expressions: How Likely is Likely?

1994-1995 Saunders MacLane
Max Mason Distinguished Service Professor
University of Chicago

1993-1994 Persi Diaconis
Professor of Mathematics
Harvard University

1992-1993 John H. Conway
John von Neumann Professor of Mathematics
Princeton University

1991-1992 Paul R. Halmos
Professor of Mathematics
Santa Clara University

1990-1991 Bradley Efron
Max H. Stein Professor of Humanities and Sciences
Professor of Statistics and Biostatistics
Stanford University

1989-1990 Carl Pomerance
Research Professor of Mathematics
University of Georgia

1988-1989 Heinz-Otto Peitgen
Professor of Mathematics
University of Bremen

1986-1987 Ronald L. Graham
Director, Mathematical Sciences Research Center
AT&T Bell Laboratories