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-- A --

ACF1 Aberrant Crypt Foci in Rat Colons
ais Australian athletes data set
allbacks Measurements on a Selection of Books
anesthetic Anesthetic Effectiveness
ant111b Averages by block of corn yields, for treatment 111 only
antigua Averages by block of yields for the Antigua Corn data
appletaste Tasting experiment that compared four apple varieties
austpop Population figures for Australian States and Territories

-- B --

bestset.noise Best Subset Selection Applied to Noise
biomass Biomass Data
bomsoi Southern Oscillation Index Data
bounce Bounce

-- C --

capstring Converts initial character of a string to upper case
carprice US Car Price Data
Cars93.summary A Summary of the Cars93 Data set
cfseal Cape Fur Seal Data
cities Populations of Major Canadian Cities (1992-96)
codling Dose-mortality data, for fumigation of codling moth with methyl bromide
compareTreecalcs Error rate comparisons for tree-based classification
component.residual Component + Residual Plot
cuckoohosts Comparison of cuckoo eggs with host eggs
cuckoos Cuckoo Eggs Data
cv.binary Cross-Validation for Regression with a Binary Response
cv.lm Cross-Validation for Linear Regression
CVbinary Cross-Validation for Regression with a Binary Response
CVlm Cross-Validation for Linear Regression

-- D --

datafile Create an ASCII data file
dengue Dengue prevalence, by administrative region
dewpoint Dewpoint Data

-- E --

elastic1 Elastic Band Data Replicated
elastic2 Elastic Band Data Replicated Again
elasticband Elastic Band Data

-- F --

fossilfuel Fossil Fuel Data
frogs Frogs Data
fruitohms Electrical Resistance of Kiwi Fruit

-- G --

geophones Seismic Timing Data

-- H --

hardcopy Graphical Output for Hardcopy
head.injury Minor Head Injury (Simulated) Data
headInjury Minor Head Injury (Simulated) Data
hills Scottish Hill Races Data
houseprices Aranda House Prices
humanpower1 Oxygen uptake versus mechanical power, for humans
humanpower2 Oxygen uptake versus mechanical power, for humans

-- I --

ironslag Iron Content Measurements

-- J --

jobs Canadian Labour Force Summary Data (1995-96)

-- K --

kiwishade Kiwi Shading Data

-- L --

leafshape Full Leaf Shape Data Set
leafshape17 Subset of Leaf Shape Data Set
leaftemp Leaf and Air Temperature Data
leaftemp.all Full Leaf and Air Temperature Data Set
litters Mouse Litters
logisticsim Simple Logistic Regression Data Simulator
Lottario Ontario Lottery Data

-- M --

Manitoba.lakes The Nine Largest Lakes in Manitoba
measles Deaths in London from measles
mifem Mortality Outcomes for Females Suffering Myocardial Infarction
mignonette Darwin's Wild Mignonette Data
milk Milk Sweetness Study
modelcars Model Car Data
monica WHO Monica Data
moths Moths Data

-- N --

nsw74psid1 Labour Training Evaluation Data
nsw74psid3 Labour Training Evaluation Data
nsw74psidA A Subset of the nsw74psid1 Data Set

-- O --

obounce Bounce - obsolete
onesamp Paired Sample t-test
onet.permutation One Sample Permutation t-test
onetPermutation One Sample Permutation t-test
oneway.plot Display of One Way Analysis Results
onewayPlot Display of One Way Analysis Results
orings Challenger O-rings Data
overlap.density Overlapping Density Plots - obsolete
overlapDensity Overlapping Density Plots
ozone Ozone Data

-- P --

pair65 Heated Elastic Bands
panel.corr Scatterplot Panel
panelCorr Scatterplot Panel
panelplot Panel Plot
pause Pause before continuing execution
poissonsim Simple Poisson Regression Data Simulator
possum Possum Measurements
possumsites Possum Sites
powerplot Plot of Power Functions
poxetc Deaths from various causes, in London from 1629 till 1881, with gaps
primates Primate Body and Brain Weights

-- Q --

qreference Normal QQ Reference Plot

-- R --

races2000 Scottish Hill Races Data - 2000
rainforest Rainforest Data
rareplants Rare and Endangered Plant Species
rice Genetically Modified and Wild Type Rice Data
roller Lawn Roller Data

-- S --

science School Science Survey Data
seedrates Barley Seeding Rate Data
show.colors Show R's Colors
simulateLinear Simulation of Linear Models for ANOVA vs. Regression Comparison
socsupport Social Support Data
softbacks Measurements on a Selection of Paperback Books
sorption sorption data set
spam7 Spam E-mail Data
stVincent Averages by block of yields for the St. Vincent Corn data
sugar Sugar Data

-- T --

tinting Car Window Tinting Experiment Data
toycars Toy Cars Data
two65 Unpaired Heated Elastic Bands
twot.permutation Two Sample Permutation Test

-- V --

vif Variance Inflation Factors
vince111b Averages by block of corn yields, for treatment 111 only
vlt Video Lottery Terminal Data

-- W --

wages1833 Wages of Lancashire Cotton Factory Workers in 1833
whoops Deaths from whooping cough, in London