Furman Graph Theory Seminar


SCHEDULE FOR 2007 - 2008

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Date Speaker Title
April 25, 2008 Teresa Haynes Domination Parameters in Complementary Prisms
April 11, 2008 John Harris Maximal Nontraceable Graphs
April 4, 2008 John Harris Claw-free Graphs, Traceability, and Hamiltonicity
March 14, 2008 Kevin Hutson Graph Subset Parameters from the ViewPoint of LP Duality and Complementarity
March 7, 2008 Doug Rall An Introduction to Packing Coloring of Graphs
February 15, 2008 James Knisely Minus Signed Edge Domination in Graphs
January 25, 2008 Doug Rall Hamiltonicity in Cartesian Products of Graphs
January 11, 2008 Steve Hedetniemi (1, 2)-Domination in Graphs