Submission Information

The Journal accepts papers of significant mathematical interest written by students containing work done prior to the students' obtaining a Bachelor's degree. Papers of all types will be considered, including technical, historical, and expository papers. Typically, papers will have been written as part of a summer research experience or school project. Any paper submitted by an undergraduate must have the approval of a sponsor, a full-time faculty member willing to endorse the student's work. The sponsor is largely responsible for ensuring the quality and veracity of the student's work. The sponsor's name and school will appear with the paper along with the student's name. The editorial board of the Journal reserves the right to reject any paper it deems inappropriate.

Contact  Mark Woodard for submission information. LaTeX is the preferred format, but plain TeX will also be considered. Figures to be included in the paper should be in enscapulated postscript format, if possible. Contact Mark Woodard if you need help with graphics formats. Papers should include the following:

Before a paper can be published in FUEJUM, the editorial board must receive a hard-copy of our copyright form. Please mail your signed hard-copy to:

Mark Woodard
Department of Mathematics
Furman University
Greenville, SC 29613-0448

The copyright form is available in HTML, postscriptraw LaTeX, or PDF versions.

Questions or problems with these procedures can be directed to Mark Woodard.

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