Term Assignments
Fall 2007-2008

Assignments will be posted as we proceed through the term.

Week 1  For Monday  Read the Thales, Commensurability, and Pythagorus material posted on the web.
Week 2  For Tuesday  Learn Eculid's Postulates and Common Notions
 Read Propositions 1-32
 Learn the proofs of 1,2,9,10,11,12,16,22,23,27,29,32
 For Wednesday  Finish Tuesday's assignment
 For Thursday  Find and read Reading Sequence 7 in the web presentation of The Elements
 For Friday  Notice that some of Book VI has been added to the Background List
 Read Book VI, Proposition 6
Week 3  For Tuesday  Read Chapter 1; pay particular attention to the vocabulary of Sec.1.3.
 For Wednesday  Sec.2.1: 1,7,9,19i,19ii,20,22 Be sure to read the instructions for Part B Problems.
 For Thursday  Sec.2.1: 8,10,11,15,18,19iii,22,24
 Sec.2.2: 4,6,9,11
 Note: I will be asking you to turn in problems each week; the first problems will be due next Monday.
 For Friday  Sec.2.2: 7,8,14,17,20
 For Monday  Read the material about the Taxicab Plane and work 5,10,12.
 Hand in form Sec.2.1: 10,11,24
 Hand in from Sec.2.2: 10,14,17
Week 4  For Tuesday  Sec.2.3: 1,2,4,6,7(you may use calculus),8(show that the compositon of two injections is injective),9
 For Wednesday  Sec.3.2: 6,7,9
 For Thursday  Sec.3.2: 5
 For Friday  Sec.3.3: 2,3
 For Monday  Sec.3.3: 6,7,9,11a,12,13,15,18,19
 Hand in from Sec.3.2: 7(use a ruler)
 Hand in from Sec.3.3: 6,11a,15(look closely at the definition of ray),19
Week 5  For Tuesday  Sec.4.1: 1-4,6,8-10
 For Wednesday  Sec.4.1: 11,13-16
 For Thursday  Sec.4.3: 1,2,3
 For Friday  Sec.4.4: 4,5,6
   Sec.4.4: 9,10,12,14,22,24
 Hand in from Sec.4.3: 3
 Hand in from Sec.4.4: 4,6,9,10
Week 6  Fall Break Week  
Week 7  Tuesday  Test 1
 For Thursday  Sec.5.3: 6,7,10,13,14
 For Monday  Sec.5.3: 15
 Sec.6.1: 4,5,8,9
 Sec.6.2: 1-10 and these look like fun.
 Hand-in (revised): from 5.3: #10 and 13; from 6.1: #8; from 6.2: #4 and 6
Week 8  For Tuesday  Sec.6.2: 14 (have this one ready for tomorrow)
 Sec.6.3: 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10 (have #10 ready for tomorrow)
 For Wednesday  Sec.6.4: 2,3,7,8,9,11,12,13
Week 9  For Tuesday  Sec.6.5: 4,7,9,11
 For Thursday  Sec.6.6: 1,2,3,4,7,8
 Sec.7.1: 1,2,3,4,8,11,14
 For Tuesday  Hand-in: from 6.4: #3 and 9; from 6.6: #1; from 7.1: #11
Week 10    
Week 11  For Thursday  Sec.9.3 Hand-out: Theorems and Problems
Week 12  For Tuesday  Sec.9.3: 1-4,6,12