Course Information for MTH 260, Spring 2018

Mathematics 260
Transition to Higher Mathematics
Course Information

Professor: Douglas Rall

Office: Riley Hall 205-E

Phone: 3637

Office Hours: 11:00 - 12:00 (M-W-F), 1:00 - 2:30 (T), or by appointment

Textbook: Book of Proof

Author: Richard Hammack

Course Grades

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Course Points Course Grade
90 - 100 A
80 - 89 B
70 - 79 C
60 - 69 D
- 59 F

Course Points:

  • Portfolio Problems: 20 course points
  • Portfolio Essay: 15 course points
  • Written Work: 10 points
  • Tests: 30 course points
  • Final Exam: 25 course points
  • Course Objectives

  • To learn how to speak and to write mathematics in a clear, precise, and logical manner.
  • To acquire and develop mathematical reasoning skills.
  • To learn some of the standard mathematical proof techniques and then use them in learning how to construct and write proofs.
  • To learn about some of the fundamental mathematical concepts such as sets, functions, relations, counting techniques and cardinality.
  • To learn to use the mathematical typesetting language LaTeX.
  • Students are encouraged to study together. However, you are not to collaborate with anyone else on work that is to be graded unless I announce otherwise for a particular assignment. In particular, read carefully the strict rules about portfolio problems and the portfolio essay. Respect for others, honesty and honorable behavior as it relates to academic work are commendable qualities that are expected of all students. Plagiarism or academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.

    Special Needs: Any student with disabilities who thinks he/she needs academic accommodations should contact the Student Office for Accessibility Resources (Ext. 2320).

    Final Exam: Tuesday, April 30 (8:30 - 11:00 am)