AAUP Spring Meeting

3:00 p.m. - 21 May 2008 - Furman Hall 101

Members present: Edgar McKnight, David Spear, Jean Horney, Melinda Menzer, Scott Henderson, Bill Rogers, Dan Sloughter, Ray Moss, Vicky Turgeon, Akan Malici, Bill Aarnes, Alfons Teipen.

Outgoing president Dan Sloughter gave the president's report. Dan highlighted some of the AAUP activities and involvements of the past academic year, including the fall 2007 forum with Dean Kazee, the spring 2008 open forum on the revisions of several policies referring to librarians, and the publication of a new issue of the Ampersand. Dan thanked Bill Rogers for his tireless work on that publication.

Outgoing treasurer Ray Moss gave a brief report on the financial health of the chapter. As per May 12th, 2008, the chapter's balance is US $653.64. Ray pointed out that the national offices of AAUP are not able to provide reliable data on current membership among Furman faculty; similarly, Sandra Phillips, who handles AAUP payroll deductions at Furman has unsuccessfully tried to pay Furman AAUP payroll withholdings to the national chapter.

Since the national office does not appear to be able to provide reliable membership data, Ray suggested that the preferred way of paying membership dues was through Furman payroll deduction, as such deduction would allow the treasurer easy and reliable access to Furman AAUP membership rosters.

Several members suggested that the present payroll deduction forms are a problem, since AAUP members have to re-file the form every single year. It was pointed out that other payroll deductions, such as gifts to Furman, do not have to be re-filed every single year. AAUP should again try to have the AAUP payroll deduction form changed, so that AAUP members only have to file it once.

Bill Rogers, chair of this year's nominating committee, presented a slate of nominees for the academic years 2008-2010.

President: Victoria Turgeon
Vice President: Melinda Menzer
Secretary: Alfons Teipen
Treasurer: Glen Halva-Neubauer

The slate of nominees was approved by unanimous voice vote.

After the vote, Dan opened the floor for general comments as well as suggestions for future AAUP events on Furman campus. Bill Rogers observed that Furman library faculty had just been issued contracts which appeared to protect academic freedom. Dan remarked that the issuance of contracts was significant in that these contracts, per Provost Kazee's earlier comments, may be used as blueprints for contracts that may be issued to other non-tenure-track faculty, such as adjuncts, so-called "part-time faculty," and lecturers.

Jean Horney pointed out that recent discussion in P&P made her realize that the Constitution lists various types of faculty, including library faculty, commissioned officers in the ROTC program, etc. Jean was hoping for more input from faculty at large, and AAUP members in particular, about the challenges that these various types of faculty pose for writing and editing consistent and coherent policies. The national office of AAUP offers services to study Policies and Procedures manuals for consistency and compliance with AAUP guidelines.

General discussion ensued about issues of consistency of the Policies and Procedures manual, as well as larger issues of shared governance at Furman. Suggestions for future AAUP events included a discussion about shared governance at Furman. Some AAUP members bemoaned the lack of continuity and progress of various discussions and decisions undertaken by faculty standing committees, and raised questions as to how greater continuity and greater efficiency could be achieved. Former faculty chair John Beckford's introduction of the faculty governance website was cited as a positive step in the right direction. Lastly, Bill Rogers pointed out some as of yet still unresolved issues to which AAUP should continue paying attention, such as the question of affordable childcare.

The meeting adjourned around 5:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Alfons H Teipen

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