Colloquium Schedule

All talks are held at 3:30 P.M. in Room 102 of Riley Hall. Coffee, tea, and cookies are served in the Department lounge at 3:00 P.M. preceeding the talk.

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Schedule for 2007-08
Date Speaker Title
Sept. 20 Dan Sloughter Miscellanea From Thomas Bradwardine's De Continuo
Oct. 16 John McCleary Conducting an Orchestra/Conducting a Seminar
Nov. 29 Stephen and Sandra Hedetniemi Looking for the Limits of Discrete Mathematics
Jan. 31 Tom Lewis An Introduction to Branching Processes
Feb. 11 (Monday) Sharon Anne Garthwaite Sum Math Talk
April 1 (Tuesday) Dave Penniston Ramanujan, Partitions and Mock Theta Functions
April 10 Ron Gould Mathematics and Games
April 17 Colin Clark TBA
May 1 Tom Richmond Some Applications of the Second Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
May 15 Putnam TBA